My teaching experience ranges from university teaching, to public lectures and volunteer teaching in the community, and technical and area training in the military. I primarily teach on the topics of religion – especially that of Korea, Japan, and China – and Korean history, politics, and culture. In addition to my work as a teaching fellow, I have experience giving guest lectures and panel/webinar talks in and out of universities and teaching in the community on a volunteer basis and am available, on a case-by-case basis, for such teaching and speaking.

University Teaching – Teaching Fellow

“Religion and Culture in Korea,” for Hwansoo Kim, Fall 2021, Yale University – View the course flyer

“Introduction to Chinese Philosophy,” for Lucas Bender and Eric Greene, Spring 2022, Yale University

“Buddhist Thought: The Foundations,” for Eric Greene, Fall 2022, Yale University

“Philosophy of Religion,” for John Pittard, Spring 2023, Yale University

University Teaching – Guest Lectures

“Situating and Interpreting Juche,” in “North Korean History,” for Ria Chae, Spring 2021, Yale University

Community Teaching and Public Speaking

Korean Religion Module, in “Religion in East Asia: Diversity and Diffusion,” November 2022, National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) and the Program for Teaching East Asia (TEA)

Sunday School “Korean History Lecture Series,” January 2020–TBD, Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church

The ‘Other’ Korea: What is North Korea Really Like?,” September 2021, Bristol Public Library

“Chairman Lee, Shincheonji, and COVID 19: The Verdict,” multi-speaker webinar hosted by Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), February 2021 – Watch the full webinar on YouTube

“Religions of Korea,” Sunday School guest lecture, in Sunday School, December 2019, Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church

“North Korea: What Do We Know?,” featured lecture at “Basketball Diplomacy and the North Korean Mind: Film and Discussion,” November 2016, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

“A More Credible Deterrent?: Nuclear and Missile Developments in North Korea, 2016,” at “Missiles, Nukes, Markets, Madman?: North Korea in 2016,” multi-speaker panel event, October 2016, University of Pennsylvania